March 3, 2020

Jump’s brilliant women on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day had us thinking about all the amazing women that have featured in sequences we’ve made over the years. Comedy queens Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley in Ab Fab. The inspiring gold medal winning GB hockey team and GB Paralympians. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the ultimate position of power in VEEP. Women’s World Cup football stars. Women of all ages, nationalities and talents.

So to celebrate that, we created an edit putting them all together.

The sequence begins with authentic black and white photos from the titles of the BBC sitcom ‘Up The Women’. Appropriately this series was based on the early 1900s suffragette movement. The world has come a long way since then but there’s much further to go which is why International Women’s Day is so important.

We are lucky at Jump to work with inspiring, creative, talented women. Whether they are art directors, producers, designers, animators, illustrators, production managers, runners or of course our clients. We thought we should ask them a few questions about what it’s like being a woman in this industry and which women have particularly inspired them in life.



Karon Hall – Jump Operations Director

Kate Norley – Jump Creative Producer

Hannah Nicholls – Jump Senior Production Manager

Sancha Worthington – Jump Production Manager

Harriet Gilligan – Animator

Nicky Thompson – Director ( )


What women have inspired you .. or continue to inspire you the most?

(KH) Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her ongoing fight for freedom.

(KN) The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern. At a time where many country leaders have a hidden agenda, she is an intelligent, eloquent, fair minded woman who is trying to create a country where everyone has equal rights and can expect to live a decent life.

(HN) Erin Gibson – Feminist and teacher of what it is to be an ally. Ava DuVernay – insanely talented filmmaker.  Giovanna Fletcher – inspirational mother and all-round good human whose podcast is everything for me and television show ‘The Baby Club’ is everything for my one year old. Ruth Bader Ginsberg – no explanation needed.

(SW) Growing up I always thought Frida Khalo was pretty badass, being her own muse and persevering through severe physical and mental pain. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michelle Obama and Jacinda Ardern also have a huge place in my heart for their warmth, strength and brilliance.

(HG) Recently it’s been all my female friends – in and out of the industry – who I am in awe of the most. They’re so incredible it’s mind-blowing. I’m lucky to have that. Also, for any animators out there that don’t know about She Drew That, that’s been a huge inspiration over the last year, check it out!

(NT) Mary Beard, who is an amazing and inspiring historian. Who also still speaks out despite the constant negative press because she is an outspoken woman…. and loves Europe : )


What would you change to make the world more gender equal?

(KH) The laws and culture in some Middle Eastern countries need drastic reform to address the inequalities between men and women, and enable the region to be more progressive.

(KN) Responsibility for child care and home life, which I feel is still largely organised within families by females, despite them having equally important jobs.

(HN) Equal pay, Flexible working for all, Better funding for childcare, End period poverty, More women in positions of power.

(SW) I’d love to see more mentoring for young girls, more women supporting women. There’s already a massive increase in women-focused networking events, I actually occasionally attend Women In Media at The Hospital Club, it encourages successful women in media & arts to speak up about their journeys in a male-dominated society and every time I leave feeling inspired and empowered. More, more, more, please.
Another thing is not just questioning what it is to be a woman, but questioning what it is to be a man, it’s important that we all self-reflect and widen the conversation.

(HG) Something as simple as asking your female friends what they’ve experienced and how it makes them feel, can enlighten and inspire more men to support the cause more proactively. Equality is for all, it shouldn’t be down to one group of people to fight for it.

(NT) The patriarchy….. so therefore pretty much everything.


Have you ever had to overcome any obstacles in the industry?

(KH) One client from Qatar would not recognise a female (me) in a senior position, it was very frustrating! Even more so when our London based partner, failed to introduce me to respect their culture.

(KN) No, I haven’t encountered obstacles but, like anyone in any job, I’ve had to work hard to make the most of every moment.

(HN) Fifteen years ago (and before my time at Jump) I was probably expected to make the tea over my male colleagues and occasionally asked to wear a skirt when an important client was coming in, but times seem to have changed (or at least, I’ve stopped working for misogynists)

(SW) I’ve worked in a few industries now and I’ve often experienced environments where women get all the niceties and are frequently glossed over while men to get to answer all the serious questions and make all the hard-hitting decisions.  At moments in my life, I definitely feel I’ve suffered from the fear of failure and have often felt that I would have to adopt stereotypically male attributes in order to succeed. I seriously admire women who find their own voice and own that we can do this attitude.

(HG) The industry can be a hard nut to crack for everyone but I’ve definitely been in situations where suggestions I’ve made about a project have been overlooked, only for a male co-worker to make the same comment and for it to be implemented. (I also once got told, “it looks better when a woman makes the tea,” right before a meeting.)

(NT) Yes. As one of the 12% of senior female creatives I have to shout louder to make myself heard.


What advice would you give to young girls growing up in this world?

(KH) Knowledge is power, educate yourself and follow a career path you enjoy.

(KN) Stay in education for as long as you can before heading out into the big wide world. Don’t feel that the job route you take has to be your final destination, there’s always time for change. And approach every opportunity with drive and passion, it will be recognised and so will you!

(HN) Find your groove and don’t listen when people tell you that you can’t. Find strong women to surround yourself with. Listen to Caroline Hirons’ skincare advice. Stop apologising!

(SW) Work hard and know your worth.

(HG) Ignore the white noise, keep doing you.

(NT) You’re part of something bigger – you’re fighting for more than just your place in the world.