December 15, 2020

A Look Back at 2020

It’s nearly Christmas and the end of the year approaches, so it’s a good time to look back at 2020. And wow what a year that was! The global pandemic hit everyone hard and made us all look at the way we worked. It’s hard to believe we haven’t all been in the same room together since March. But the Jump team are a super talented, hard working bunch and we have pulled together to not only stay afloat but to produce some of our best and most creative work. Please enjoy the showreel above with a massive thank you to all our clients who commissioned work with us this year.

Jump’s Operations Director Karon Hall:

“2020 has definitely been a challenging year for Jump and everyone. With the majority of our commissions coming from hard-hit sectors like sport and entertainment, numerous projects were cancelled or postponed at the start of the first lock down. I must confess to having been a little nervous about the economic uncertainty we were facing.

Despite the challenges of working remotely, we’ve had amazing success this year, winning almost everything we’ve pitched for. Rather than scale back, we’ve hired more staff to cope with the workload!

I feel incredibly proud of how well our talented team has adapted and thrived.”