September 11, 2020

Aphetor Games launches starring Gen Z Influencers

We are delighted to have created a kit of onscreen graphics for the launch of The Aphetor Games. Aphetor is looking to rewrite the rules of sporting content for the Gen-Z audience. They will host events around the year, each one from a different corner of the globe with a fresh new theme. Each event will see a diverse set of Creators from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. They will compete in a series of fun, content-rich challenges.

The first event is being held in Snowdon, Wales from 15th to 17th September. It will feature crazy games like ‘Quarry Karts’ through the slate mines, a Canadian canoe escapade called ‘Dragon Race’ and a deep underground battle called ‘Tunnel Vision’.

The coverage of Aphetor Games will be presented across social media by Youtube stars Yung Filly, Chunkz and Chelcee Grimes.

Watch the events online at