Think. Believe. Jump. Create.

Meet the Jumpers

We all have different specialties but our goals and how we set out to achieve them are the same - with passion, elbow grease and good spirited teamwork.

Matt Marcroft Senior Designer / Animator
Becky Clacey Middleweight Designer
Tom Holmes Senior Designer / Animator
Mark Fairless Senior Animator
Hannah Nicholls Senior Production Manager
Richard Norley Head Creative
Charlene Spence Middleweight Designer
Lee Jacobs Senior Art Director
Harry Handyside Art Director
Callum O’Reilly Senior Designer
Katrina Dass Production Co-ordinator
Russell Hilliard Digital Marketing Director
Aaron Randell Middleweight Designer
Kate Norley Creative Producer
Sam Clarke Senior Designer
Russell Mann Technical Director
Carole Hall Finance Manager
Karon Hall Operations Director