May 15, 2023

Branded logo animation for Generation Live

Generation Live connects talent, brands and fans. They asked us to create a branded logo animation that will introduce them as the provider of advertising at music arena tours. 

The animated stings will be played on the event stage screens with the primary purpose of focussing the attention of the live audience before the show begins.

Harry Handyside – Art Director at Jump:

“Our concept was to represent Generation Live as the beating heart that connects everyone. The brand icon would become a pulsing equaliser that represents the anticipation of a huge event about to begin. Equally the developing soundscape creates the feeling of a live event ramping up.

The icon was created in 3D so that we could projection map a branded equaliser animation onto it. This creates a realistic lighting falloff and atmosphere. The logo letters were turned into neon tube lights that flicker on as the soundscape builds.

The soundscape was a really important part of getting this right. The audience will likely hear the sting before seeing it. It needs to start subtly and build, so as not to be too disruptive in the live environment.

Once we had created the soundscape in line with the overall concept, we could then match the equaliser animation to it and bring it all together.”

Audio: Go West Sound

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