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Alan Carr’s Picture Slam

Client: Triple Brew Media

Jump has created the logo, titles and on-screen graphics for Alan Carr’s Picture Slam, a new quiz show for BBC One. Our designs were also used to inspire the look of the set. The series is produced by entertainment experts Triple Brew Media, which is part of Objective Media Group.

Triple Brew Media:

“Making a quiz show like Picture Slam – based entirely around pictures – is no easy task. A key element of that was making these pictures stand out. Jump managed to deliver beyond our expectations, giving each picture life and depth with a parallax effect – something that feels very modern and unique for TV. The way they handled the volume and workflow was impeccable; Harry, Mia, and the rest of the team were truly a joy to work with.”

Harry Handyside – Art Director at Jump:

“Our challenge was to find a style that could compliment all types of images. We developed a primetime look that uses multicoloured neon lines. It has an exciting, colourful, energetic, Saturday night, family feeling.

All of the contestant’s questions are based on images that live within our Picture Slam world – a zooming multi-coloured neon picture-portal. Throughout the show we travel through the portal finding different images from across many categories and genres.

Maxon Cinema 4D was used to build the neon background. The on screen graphics were developed in Adobe After Effects. We worked closely with the lovely team at Kinetic Pixel to assist in recreating our designs for their gameplay playout system.”

quiz graphics

HH – “We developed a unique way of framing each of the question images by adding depth through a parallax technique. We artworked foreground and background elements and then composited them in 3D space to create a pivoting, rotating loop showing off the graphic as a 3D animation.

As we were processing over 1200 gameplay images, we had a tracking system to log artworking, animation, approvals and delivery.  It was a mammoth task but the results are great.”


Set Design – Dominic Tolfts