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ARES Exhibition Promo

Client: ARES

Jump was approached by the team behind connected fitness company – Ares. They were looking to create a motivational video for a recruitment conference held in Tel Aviv. The film was to be shown on a large LED screen with a bespoke format on their exhibition stand.

Ares were looking to attract the brightest minds to help drive their company forward and bring their connected fitness product to market.  The film was to aid the recruitment drive and generate interest in the exciting product in development

Alin – Operations Manager:

“The major purpose of the video was to attract potential candidates to our booth at the conference, and it did! The video turned out so impressive and made our booth and company look like the coolest thing around. We came to Jump with a spark of an idea, and while working with the team of amazing creators we managed to create a video that was above our expectations. Working with Jump’s team felt like a really good flow of ideas and hard work combined with a great experience.”

Matt Marcroft – Senior Designer at Jump:

“Our concept was to take the central themes of interconnectivity, and show how a user is connected to a community to help them train and achieve better health.  

The product and services that Ares will offer when the company goes live are yet to be fully realised. Our challenge was to create a film that would describe the global interconnectivity that the product will facilitate. It will be a sophisticated tool for people to train smarter and stronger and connect users to a community of specialist trainors, practitioners and other users.”

‘A world that unlocks holistic wellness for everyone and brings out the inner athlete’.

MM – “We initially put together a moodboard which leaned heavily on the movement of lines suggesting data and connectivity. This evolved at the storyboard stage to introduce an avatar figure representing the user connected to the Ares network. Their health and performance is recorded and a tailored training plan is provided based on that data.

One of the challenges for us was showing our characters performing workout movements without showing specific details of the product itself. As we couldn’t see the product we needed to make some assumptions about the way it would provide that workout. We brainstormed with our excellent clients to find the most suitable motion-capture movements from library resources online.”

All of the character design and animation was created on C4D. The 3D cameras were exported into After Effects for compositing and the integration of the HUD (Head Up Display) elements. These were designed to suggest data acquisition, movement and feedback.

MM – “There was no audio track used on this project so visual messaging was particularly important. The film was designed to be played within an exhibition / event environment, so the graphic text had to do all of the talking. The script was written by Jump and was an integral part of the storyboarding process. This was refined over the course of production until it sat perfectly within the timing of the sequence.”

The project had a 4 to 5 week timeline to produce.