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Bad Chefs

Client: Lifted Entertainment

Jump tied on an apron and cooked up some graphics for Lifted Entertainment’s new ITV2 show ‘Bad Chefs’.

The series is hosted by Youtube sensation Chunkz and follows 10 contestants who have never cooked before in their lives. These bad chefs would normally just reach for their food delivery apps but are now getting in the kitchen and trying to make some dishes themselves. Needless to say the Michelin Guide doesn’t come running for their results.

Lee Jacobs – Senior Art Director at Jump:

“We wanted the graphics to be vibrant and fun. We also wanted to reference the takeaway chains that the contestants live off – therefore the logo is based on a neon fast food sign topped with a flaming cloche. The lights start sparking, smoking and flickering as the kitchen fills up with smoke and the alarms go off.”

Motion Graphics

The graphics were animated in Cinema4D, rendered with Redshift and composited in After Effects. As well as the titles, Jump delivered bumpers, stings and artwork for the neon signs in the set and on the aprons.

You can catch up with the series on the ITV Hub here.