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European Championships 2018

Client: European Championships

2018 saw the first ever European Championships; a new multi-sport event which brought together the leading champions of the continent’s most exciting sporting events. Jump won the competitive pitch to produce the opening and closing sequences for the event with a concept that places the colourful crystal shards of the logo right into the heart of the host cities.

In iconic locations, shot by Jump around the two cities, the monumental crystals break through the Earth. Inside the crystals, we see athletes in action at the peak of their performance. The crystals move in synergy with the athletes, creating a platform on which they run, jump, swim, cycle and swing. Having introduced all the different sporting disciplines, the shapes unite above the cities to form the European Championships logo. Jump also designed and produced an extensive package of graphics to be used throughout the broadcasts of the competition.

Deliverables: Opening and closing sequences, promo trailers, wipes, stings, maps.

“Dedicated, patient and unbelievably creative, what more could you ask for? Jump has been fantastic to work with and designed a brilliant broadcast package for the European Championships 2018. From promos to closing sequences and everything in between, these guys are amazing at what they do, provide great advice and deliver incredible results. We would highly recommend Jump. Thank you all!”