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Finalissima 2022

Client: UEFA

Jump was commissioned by UEFA to create the entire event branding for their new tournament – Finalissima 2022. The match saw the UEFA EURO Champions play against the winner of the CONMEBOL Copa America. The battle of the world’s best footballing continents was played at Wembley Stadium on 1st June.

The brief was to create a unity between the two federations for the good of football, as well as representing a platform that presents the best of the best.

Jump created and conceived the entire brand from the concept rationale, to logo design, colour palette and key visuals. We also implemented these brand assets into static and animated event dressing for Wembley Stadium.

Jump also created a broadcast kit of titles, bumpers, replay wipes and other programming elements as well as establishing the design style for the On Screen Graphics package.

Harry Handyside – Art Director at Jump:

“Our concept was called The Cup of Champions and this was conveyed through the logo and key visuals to create a consistent look and feel that would be updatable for each grand finale every four years.

The Finalissima logo takes inspiration from the laurel wreath; a symbol of excellence and victory, of protection and growth. It is made up of ribbons in the colours of the competing nations – Italy’s Tricolore and Argentina’s Albiceleste – coalescing in unity around the distinctive trophy.

These ribbons then became a repeated asset through the rest of the brand, twisting through the title sequences and wrapping around the event dressing artwork.”

Tom Holmes – Senior Animator at Jump:

“The 3D ribbons were created in Cinema 4D. We used splines to direct the ribbons shape and trajectory and deformers were used to create surface curves and ripples. Each ribbon has a textured cloth material that is imprinted with a smooth reflective pattern of pitch marking designed to catch the light and reflections to add premium detail.”

HH – “We were really delighted with the event dressing as we had such high-detailed 3D renders to print at huge sizes for Wembley Stadium. The render times were longer than expected but we got our heads around it in the end. The resulting prints were beautiful and could be seen throughout the stadium, including in the player tunnel for the walkout in the broadcast.

The music was sourced from Universal Production Music who offered a great range of tracks with multiple versions that can be used for various durations. The music selected featured in the titles as well as being used for the player walkout in the stadium.”

The project was turned around in two months from the time of winning the pitch.