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Global Screens

Client: Global

Global’s head office is in the centre of London’s Leicester Square. The company prides itself on its positive working culture, celebrating the talented people who work there as well as their loyal audiences and customers. As part of this they welcome both the staff and guests to the building with large format screens on the exterior of the building, at the security entrance and in the reception area. Jump have been creating the animations for these screens for the past five years. The animations have had to keep up with the fast-paced, constant developments, of the company whether it be additional radio stations or the expansion of Global outdoor media.

Each of the screens plays a different part in their introduction to Global. The exterior screen is used to establish Global as a media and entertainment group, comprising principally of radio and outdoor media. It then goes on to display the radio station’s logos, the Global Player logo and a graphic representation of the environments which contain Global outdoor media. There are limitations on the amount of movement that can be shown on the exterior screen, as well as the need to design for its extreme landscape format, so the animations have to be created to these restraints, without losing any of their effectiveness and message. The screen at the security entrance to the building is in an extreme horizontal format, in complete contrast to the exterior screen. This screen greets everyone as they enter the building with a welcome message, before going on to list all the Global radio stations, shows an adaptation of the outdoor media animation, then introduces Pop Buzz. The screen’s horizontal format, with its small width in comparison to its extreme height, restricts the size that the logos can be used, so a different colour and theme has been designing for every station, giving each one its own distinct brand. Before they even get to reception, through the Global screens, visitors they have a clear idea of who Global are, their business and their optimistic working environment.