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Clients: Prism Sport + Entertainment / Vuse

Jump was approached by Prism who required specialist animation support to create a one-minute film that celebrated Vuse principal partnership of the McLaren Racing team. Vuse is an international vape brand known for quality products, innovative design and premium flavour blends.

Prism came to Jump because they loved some previous work we had done with animation blended with video. They were looking to use a similar technique in this promotional film, transforming a video environment into a blended real life and animated world.

Lee Jacobs – Senior Art Director at Jump.

“The brief was to transport a McLaren Racing car from the Silverstone circuit to Grand Prix destinations around the world, using the Vuse master brand and flavour brand assets. We were tasked with unleashing the power of creativity by animating directly on top of Prism’s video edit, injecting speed, energy, and colour.

We had to 3D track some very complicated GoPro and drone shots of the F1 car, rotoscope the action and then design and animate within those tracked scenes. This was achieved through a combination of C4D and After Effects.”

The sequence was launched in May 2021 ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix on McLaren Racing and Vuse Worldwide social media channels.

Cesar Garcia – Content Director, Prism Sport + Entertainment.

“I want to thank you all for the terrific creativity, attitude and work ethic you’ve shown from day one. You’ve made the project a joy to work together and have taken it to new visual heights we didn’t believe we could reach. I hope you are as proud of your amazing work as we are.”