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Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg

Client: BBC

Jump was commissioned by the BBC to create the brand for their new weekend morning politics show – ‘Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg’. The clients did not want it to look like a news show or that it was coming from a news studio – but that it still had a connection to the news family. They wanted it to be fresh, energetic and more conversational – while still containing a ripple of news branding. They also wanted Laura to appear in the opening sequence.

As well as the title sequence, wipes and end cards, Jump was also tasked with creating the style for the programme graphics, headline sequence and Viz templates.

A very big and important part of the delivery were the screens that create the set. This included animating backgrounds for the main interview area and for the main desk area. All of these screens helped to create a unique style for the set and the show.

Sam Clarke – Senior Designer at Jump:

“Our concept is based on Laura being our guide. She takes us on a journey past landmarks of the UK, just as she will through the subjects of the show. A simple line travels with her. The environment is light and featureless until Laura is present. There are landmarks from all the nations of the UK, not just the obvious ones. We start with Westminster, as it is the main link with the political side of the programme.

The buildings are given shape by shadows that are cast as if light is emanating from Laura. The animating line fills in the detail representing the dialogue of the programme. It is loose and conversational rather than hard and intimidating.”

Russell Mann – Technical Director at Jump:

“The landscapes were created in C4D. An illustrator then made some 2D drawings over the top of them. These had to be painstakingly turned into vectors and then turned into 3D lines that still maintained the integrity of the original drawing.

Laura had to be filmed against a green screen, using prop stairs and even a leaf blower. Careful attention had to be made to get the right angles and action that would fit with the CG environments. To help with this we made an animatic with a simple 3D Laura before we did the shoot. We shot the green screen at a much higher resolution and higher frame rate than we needed, to give us as much control over the action as possible.”

RM – “The set design took a lot of development. We had to get the landmarks in the right position so that the directors have enough freedom to frame guests how they want. We didn’t want guests to be framed with a London Eye halo or Big Ben sticking out of their head.”

Other programme graphics were created in collaboration with the BBC in-house team.