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TalkTV Brand Identity

Client: News UK

Jump created the logo and brand identity for TalkTV, the new television channel owned and operated by News UK. The channel launched on 25th April with three original live evening programmes – The News Desk, Piers Morgan Uncensored and The Talk. During the day and off-peak hours the channel shows video simulcasts of TalkRadio.

Sam Clarke – Senior Designer at Jump:

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for us to create a striking visual identity for a new channel. We’re delighted with how it’s all turned out.”

Erron Gordon – News UK Executive Director:

“I absolutely love working with the Jump team. Thank you for your brilliant work on TalkTV.”

EG – “At TalkTV we are covering the big stories of the day and beyond, stories that matter to our audience. Our new logo represents that conversation whether on TV, on radio or on their smartphones. Our intention was to create a logo that is a bold, clear, recognisable and unique mark, one that stands out and cuts-through the rest of the established news and current affairs ‘noise’.”

EG – “When deciding on the colour scheme for TalkTV we wanted to marry authority with warmth. For our primetime television output we’ll use the darker more serious tones of navy blue and during the daytime we’ll freshen things up with a lighter blue. Both primetime and daytime blues marry up beautifully with the warmth of persimmon orange, a stunning orangey gold palette. These colours reflect the message and tone of the network and our output. 

“The speech bubble is a clear symbol of our intent as a channel to engage with our audience. The fact the speech bubble contains and holds the TalkTV wordmark is a clear indication that the channel is at the centre of all of this, enabling people to voice their opinion.”

SC – “After locking off the brand identity for TalkTV we were asked to completely rework the TalkRadio branding as well. The two needed to align together.”

You can watch TalkTV on Freeview 237, Sky 526, Virgin 627 and Freesat 217. 

TalkTV is streamed live and available on all platforms, including linear TV and OTT, with content available across social media as well as News UK’s own broad inventory of websites and apps. Everyone in the UK can access the channel and its programming, live or on-demand, either on their television or on any personal device.