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The Box

Client: Top Hat TV

Top Hat TV commissioned Jump to create the title sequence for their new three part serial killer documentary called The Box. The series launched on 16th August on Paramount +.

The Box is a Top Hat Production for Paramount + © Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd (2002). Produced in association with All3Media International and Night Train Media.

Robin Dashwood Series Director at Top Hat TV:

“Jump were brilliant to work with on The Box – creative and inventive and delivering top notch work on schedule and on budget.”

Mark Fairless – Senior Animator at Jump:

“Initially, we planned to create a fully computer generated sequence for the titles that was quite stylised and moody.

We then learned Top Hat had created a reconstruction of the actual box and filmed it in a mocked-up police evidence room for some cutaways. The shots looked great and full of atmosphere, so we had a change of direction. Using this setup as a reference, we recreated the scene in 3D and intercut our CG version with the live action.

In the end we used three of the live action shots and managed a pretty seamless blend between the two. This was helped massively by being able to photograph the physical box used in the shoot and use these as textures. We rendered in Redshift utilising the RS environment object to crank up the atmosphere.”

MF – “From the offset we were aware that ‘The Box’ is a three part show, and the title sequences would need to evolve along with the story in each episode. To save us from having to make three sequences from scratch, we made our scenes overlong – meaning different portions of the shot could be used for each version. This, combined with a workflow for swapping out the footage in 2D, helped us create a kit of shots we could swap around as desired.”