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Viasat World Explore Club

Client: Viasat World

Jump was asked by Viasat World to create a number of animating sew-on, scout-like badges. They were to be edited into a series of promos for a new strand of programming on their Explore channel.

The badges needed to look photo-realistic despite being built in 3D. Each badge references a particular genre on the channel – such as fishing, extreme truckers or gold hunters.

Jump created a hero logo badge and 4 skill badges. The animations were rendered at 9×16 and 16×9 ratio and also in two languages – Polish and English.

Lee Jacobs – Senior Art Director at Jump:

“We were supplied the flat artwork for the badge designs by the team at Viasat. We started by creating a simple 2D animated loop of this – which was then used to create a texture for the fabric and thread work in Cinema 4D. We rendered everything in Redshift for a realistic look.

The denim material that the badges are sewn on was taken from a jacket owned by one of the Viasat team. They photographed various details – allowing us to generate a realistic background for the animated badges.”

motion graphics

Nigel Doylerush – Creative at Viasat World:

“The final badges had the perfect blend of playfulness in the animation without breaking the photorealistic look of the scenes. They all looked great in the edit.”

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motion graphics
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motion graphics

Previously Jump was commissioned by Viasat World to create the Forbidden History podcast promo. This sequence won a Silver in the Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards 2022 in the Best 2D / 3D animation category.