October 30, 2023

A Halloween Jump scare!

We love a spooky Halloween at Jump! 

We’ve accumulated quite a few graphics in the archives over the years that have a rather chilling and ominous feeling about them. We’ve blown the cobwebs off a few sequences and edited them together into a little scary showreel for you – showcasing some ghoulish graphics and eerie effects. 


We also asked the team about their Halloween traditions and how they’ll be spending their evening.


“I’ve always been a huge fan of a good ghost story, especially anything by M.R. James. One that still gives me the shivers is ‘Whistle and I’ll Come To You’. This short film adaptation from 1968 is a must see for a Halloween night in.” 


“I’ve spent many cold evenings aimlessly wandering the streets with my kids on Halloween as they search for a house which might have treats. This year I’ll be staying in the warmth of my own home with a big bowl of sweets, ready to give out and I’ll be very grateful that I’m not out there!”


“I’ll be watching Halloween movies from my childhood. This year we’re going to see the classic, ‘Beetlejuice’. I will also be scoffing an obscene amount of chocolates and sweets and trying to forget, if just for one moment, that I’m in my 30’s and that calories and dentist visits are not free anymore!”


“It’s Halloween every day in the O’Reilly house. We have 2 black cats, cobwebs between the beams, an abundance of resident spiders and the huge possibility that the house is haunted several times over. Also, my nickname was Ghost in school.”


“We’re big fans of Halloween, particularly in the kitchen. There is a fantastic recipe by Gizzi Erskine in her cookbook ‘Gizzi’s Season’s Eatings’ for a Spooky Pie. It has a cool skeleton face in the pastry crust – and the coq-au-vin filling makes a wonderful deep, blood-red sauce to ooze through the eye holes. Lovely.”


“We turn the lights off and hide so no one comes knocking on the door.”


Our online Halloween party a couple of years ago was a fabulous frightening affair with LED Masks and even a pumpkin carving competition. Who remembers this amazing creation by Jump’s Technical Director Russell Mann of our Head Creative Richard Norley?

Our senior animator Tommy loves a ghostly mystery. He created the brilliant online adventure Cawthorne’s Curse for us last Halloween – which was hugely popular with the team. We are in the final stages of completing his latest adventure called The Zaradian. We’ll reveal more about that challenging escapade soon.

We hope you all have a very fun, spooky evening. Or just be like Becky – and hide behind the sofa!

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