October 29, 2020

ATP: 2020 Strategic Vision

Jump teamed up again with the brilliant creative agency MATTA, who asked us to help them create a five minute animation for the governing body of men’s professional tennis – ‘ATP: 2020 Strategic Vision’.

The video was created to explain and promote the ATP’s new strategic plan which is designed to unlock tennis’ true potential and ensure the sport maximises significant growth opportunities within the sports and entertainment industry.

For the first half of the sequence Jump’s mission was to turn MATTA’s page designs into a realistic looking, 3D generated book entitled ‘The Story of Tennis’. We created pages that are filled with archive photos and video clips, as well as data revealing facts about the sport’s fan base and media coverage.

The second half of the sequence involved Jump creating a computer tablet displaying multiple animating information graphics and video clips outlining ATP’s vision for the future.

Lee Jacobs (Jump Art Director)

“A long sequence duration and a tight deadline meant we had to construct the film in an editable, modular way. This allowed us to make broad changes to vast sections of the timeline without re-rendering large sections of 3D. We achieved this with a clever combination of live InDesign layouts, streamlined Cinema 4D animation and updatable AfterEffects texturing. This gave us the flexibility to handle the five minutes of continually animating scenes remotely between up to three operators.

Thankfully, we now have eight months of remote working under our belt. Our animators were able to share the workload dynamically to deliver this exciting announcement by the ATP.”

Tom Winfield (MATTA Senior Producer)

“Enormous credit must go to Jump’s animators who worked tirelessly to bring the film to life, marrying the need for clarity of information with an engaging and exciting visual treatment. The project was set up in such a way that changes could be made at speed, allowing MATTA to finesse the design and continue to refine the script even as the deadline loomed large. VFX wizardry at work, for sure!

Jump’s expertise is unquestioned, but it’s the enthusiasm, willingness and flexibility of their entire team which really makes them stand out. The ATP Vision piece was a perfect example of this, in which they over-delivered time and time again.”

You can read more about ATP: 2020 Strategic Vision on their website.

Jump has collaborated with MATTA numerous times over the last few years. This has included working on other ATP projects such as a promo for the ATP Cup. We also animated the ATP Tour logo which MATTA rebranded in 2018.

Creative: MATTA  makeitmatta.com
Animation: Jump Design & Direction


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