July 31, 2020

Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer the staycation solution

As a client once said “With graphics like that you should work in radio!” (*We’re joking of course!*). Our friends at Blackpool Pleasure Beach contacted us recently to help them create a radio advert to make people aware that they were reopening and also to promote their new eTicket. We came up with their campaign tagline ‘Serious about your fun!’.

So some sharp minds out there might be thinking, ‘Aren’t you a graphics company? Why are you making radio adverts?’

The truth is we look after the audio post production on all the TV adverts we create for Blackpool Pleasure Beach and for many other of our projects. That includes writing the script, finding the voiceover talent, overseeing the audio edit at CODA (which involves mixing the voice over with the music and adding sound effects) and of course getting everything approved through Clearcast or Radiocentre.

It’s all part of the process and one of the many skills we can offer clients to complete a project.

So yes, we can do radio too!

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