December 15, 2020

Happy birthday Callum!

Jump superstar, senior designer, animator, quiz creator and all-round lovely man, Mr Callum O’Reilly is celebrating his birthday today. Three cheers to you sir.

Callum is a multi-talented chap. One of his many skills is that he has Pareidolia, which is the ability to spot faces in places and in everyday objects. Over the years he has collected hundreds of images and photos, including quite a few from the Jump team which have been added to his collection. You can check out Callum’s top fun Instagram page here to see his Pareidolia treasure trove.

Jump’s technical director Russell Mann was having a play with Callum’s photos creating an animation for his birthday . He made a very perculiar discovery. Play the animation at the top of the screen to see for yourself.

Have a lovely day Callum. Happy Birthday from all of the team! x


As if Callum is not busy enough during the week, at weekends he runs a business with his partner Karen called The Eco Pantry.  It’s one of the UK’s first plastic-free refill shops and is based in Sevenoaks. If you live near the area go and check them out. (Remember to take your bags, jars and containers!)