June 16, 2020

Move over Blair Waldorf, there’s a new gossip girl

Jump were commissioned by Genial Productions to create the title sequence for their new ITV drama series starring Dawn French.

The Trouble with Maggie Cole is set in a picturesque small coastal town called Thurlbury with a close-knit community.  It follows the stories and fall out for Maggie Cole (played by Dawn French) who doesn’t pay attention to the cautionary adage that ‘those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.

The series was filmed in the beautiful coastal village Noss Mayo in Devon and the title sequence features a selection of stunning shots showcasing the area.

Brightly coloured blocks of colour frame the footage and create a clean bed for simple stylish animating typography which introduces the cast. The bright colours reflect the sunny disposition of the town … that is before the trouble set in!

Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, Executive Producer – Genial Productions

“We enjoyed working with Jump Design – they came up with a raft of great ideas and once we’d decided which one to go with, they were very fast and collaborative.”