June 23, 2022

Claudia Winkleman has One Question

Jump was invited by Chalkboard Productions to create the graphics for their new Channel 4 game show called ‘One Question’.

The series sees Claudia Winkleman invite a pair of contestants to answer just a single question to win a £100,000 prize. The contestants are faced with twenty possible answers, but only one answer is correct. Eliminate the incorrect answers and they are on the path to victory, but eliminate the one correct answer and it’s game over.

Jump was asked to deliver a 10 second title sequence as well as programme bumpers. We also delivered a brand style and a kit of parts to create an interactive screen in the studio.

Bill Hobbins – Director Of Programmes:

“The team at Jump responded brilliantly – and quickly – to our brief to create a distinctive and visually stunning user interface for our quiz ‘One Question’. We wanted a style that felt right for prime time but that complimented the vibe of the show which is conversational, warm and charming. Jump nailed it and were a delight to work with, always quick to respond with creative options and solutions.”

Harry Handyside – Art Director at Jump:

“Our concept was called User Interface. We wanted to create something that was slick and modern but also friendly and accessible to match both the jeopardy of the late game and the conversational nature of Claudia’s presenting style.

The visual style was loosely based around UI design for smartphones. We all understand and enjoy the tap of a well animated digital button and we wanted to bring that subtlety of design into our big screen display.

We created animated examples of the graphics and a kit of separated elements. This allowed computer-system wizards Kinetic Pixel to build everything in the studio. They have ultimate control and updatability over the text fields within the buttons and are able to activate each of the elements in real time.”