June 5, 2019

A new season of the Jump Sparkle Cup

The Jump Sparkle Cup began in ’07, as a small in-house fantasy football competition.

Now, it’s 150 managers strong and counting.

Head(er)ing into its thirteenth year, the Cup is as competitive as ever. Attracting managers from all walks of Sport, Sports Marketing, Broadcast and Entertainment; we’re looking forward to our most thrilling season yet.

The Jump Sparkle Cup is open to anyone in any way associated with Jump. The competition is fierce, with managers from all walks of Sport and TV taking part, including FIFA, UEFA, EFL, ITV and BBC Sport.

As well as a prestigious Cup for the ultimate winner, each month the highest scoring manager wins a magnum of Veuve Clicquot. There’s also a prize at the very start of the season for the manager with the most amusing team name.

A thrilling season finale to the epic Jump Sparkle Cup 2018/2019 saw Rob May of Sitting Duck, bag the prestigious gold (effect) trophy and earn industry-wide respect. Who will emulate his success for the new season?