June 16, 2020

The Steph Show on C4

Jump were commissioned by Can Can Productions and Expectation Entertainment to produce the titles and in-show graphics for The Steph Show. This hotly anticipated live daytime show featured Steph McGovern. It was her first show for Channel 4 since moving from the BBC.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the plans for the show to come from Leeds Dock were swiftly changed. The programme launched broadcasting live from Steph’s own home instead.

With people around the country self-isolating and stuck at home the programme aimed to inject an hour of fun and entertainment into people’s lives. This is strongly reflected in the bright colourful graphics. The multi camera layouts became a well used part of the kit to link Steph with her remote guests.

This was the first project completed by the Jump team with everyone working remotely from home.

Lee Jacobs, Art Director:

“With such a tight turnaround, it was essential for us to work closely with director, John Adams. We had to work in as agile a way as possible. We shared WIPs often and provided instant solutions to the feedback. The viewer’s comments have been phenomenal and is testament to our creative solutions. This was not only to the show’s requirements but to our instinctive understanding of the situation the audience found themselves in.”

Wajahut Shah, Animator:

“I am delighted to have been the animator working on The Steph Show. I feel like we helped to bring warmth and energy to the British public in these trying times, in the form of our animated graphics.”

You can read about the show on Channel 4’s website here.

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