March 23, 2021

Web of Lies – Season 7

Web of Lies Season 7, the internet based true crimes series produced by Blast! Films, recently launched on Investigation Discovery channel.

For this new season our goal was to create graphics for the show that looked like a real piece of recorded ‘evidence’ from each case.

We recreated website searches, social media profile pages and messages, to all look like the real thing. The aim was also for them not to distract from the story being told.


Callum O’Reilly – Jump Senior Designer

“The logo design & animation was designed to add an element of suspense & mendacity; matching the tragic themes that develop in each episode. It’s styled to look like you are seeing a real-life error happen on a computer screen.

Compared to last season’s branding, this new fresh approach lends itself well to future seasons because of its muted styling and ambiguity.”


Ellen Arnold – Senior Producer at Blast!

“I have worked with Jump on the past two seasons of Web of Lies and, as ever, it was a pleasure to collaborate with them. Their enthusiasm, dedication, flexibility and can-do attitude knows no bounds.

From initial conversations through to final delivery it is so reassuring to know that such a gifted team will help not just meet the expectations you have for a project but exceed them.

I look forward to working with them all again soon.”


You can watch the previous title sequence we created for Web Of Lies here.