September 9, 2021

A night to renunite – The Sport Industry Awards 2021

Jump has been an official partner and graphics supplier for the Sport Industry Awards for 7 years but this year was particularly special.

The event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, so the excitement of them being able to put on a live event again was buzzing through the industry. This year is the Sport Industry Awards’ 20th anniversary. What a way to celebrate with a spectacular comeback!

For Jump it was doubly exciting. Firstly, we got to see this year’s all-new, fabulous colourful graphics go live on the big screens around the venue  – and they did indeed look magnificent.

Secondly, it was the first time that (nearly) all of the Jump team were together in real life again after the first lockdown back in March 2020. The Jump team has been working safely, efficiently and remotely for the last 18 months, so it was a total thrill for everyone to be back together. Well done to the Sport Industry Awards for having such thorough protocols in place to create a safe, fun environment.

Tom Lloyd – Communications and Content Manager, Sport Industry Group.
“This year the Sport Industry Awards brought the entire industry back together for the first time in a long time, and we knew that we needed a visual identity that represented the vibrant celebration that everyone had so sorely missed. Without question, Jump delivered on this and then some.”

Alex Coulson – Managing Director, Sport Industry Group.
“The industry has had a challenging year, so bringing an abundance of colour & positivity to everything, from the creative patterns to the letter forms, was a conscious decision. On the night, the reviews were glowing and the room was awash with a fresh, eye-catching and energetic identity. As ever, our thanks to the entire Jump team for the tireless work that they put in to realise the vision, bring it to life, and deliver countless assets. Here’s to next year!”

Callum O’Reilly – Senior Designer, Jump.
“Initially, we were tasked with branding the awards & giving the team at Sport Industry Group a kit of assets that they could play with to start the buzz online about the awards.

We gave them logo layouts for a range of formats, along with several brand patterns which were based on the letters of ‘AWARDS’. Each pattern represented a facet or emotion, from uplifting, success and new ideas, to amplified, evolution and change.

After the launch, we were then asked to take the brand even further and bring life to it through motion. We relished the opportunity to create something luscious, colourful & playful. Our concept was simple – to encapsulate and reflect the diversity, excellence and scale of the sport industry & celebrate its monumental achievements. We achieved this through the broad use of colour & pattern which were reflected in their iconic trophy.”


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