November 1, 2021

Jump helps Filmmakers for Future: Wildlife at COP26

Filmmakers for Future: Wildlife is a grassroots volunteer-led organisation, trying to support and encourage positive changes in the natural history filmmaking industry. Their message is that urgent change is required if the industry is to play its part in finding solutions to the biodiversity and climate crisis.

Their main aims are:

1 To collaborate on ways of reducing the environmental impact of wildlife filmmaking.

2 To encourage content that raises awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis, and which inspires real change.

Founded in Bristol, UK the organisation now has a membership of over 200 wildlife filmmakers from around the globe.

FF:W produced a series of short films for the UN Climate Conference COP26 being held in Glasgow, Scotland. They approached Jump asking for some assistance creating titles and graphics for the films. We were very happy to help for such a good cause.

Becky Clacey – Designer at Jump

“Our concept was inspired by the title of the session ‘Beyond the Frame’. We designed a logo based on a camera viewfinder. The idea was to highlight that the beautifully captured film seen through the lens, also has a much wider story that isn’t always seen.

This idea also influenced our typography design by having solid text within the frame and outlined text on the outside, alluding to the half stories told through wildlife filmmaking.

It was important for FF:W that the issues emphasised in the film aren’t just one person’s concerns, they are felt by many people within the filmmaking industry. To do this we utilised over 50 different close-ups of people talking to camera that were provided by the filmmakers. We wanted people talking in unison, so we matched up people who spoke at similar speeds and built up multiple layers of narration through the sequence.

I’m so happy and really proud that we have provided our assistance and expertise on a project like this. It’s a super important topic to talk about and to bring awareness to. Having the opportunity to be a part of that, as well as using our skills to help is a privilege.”

Ruth Campbell – Series Producer at Filmmakers for Future: Wildlife

“Working alongside the Jump creative and technical team on ‘Beyond the Frame’ for COP26 was a pleasure.

They not only helped us realise our initial idea in our very short time frame, but using their skills and expertise they helped lift it beyond what we thought was possible.

From the bigger picture to the fine detail, the graphic design and motion graphics brought the films to life. They gave the series both identity and impact.

It’s been a joy to work with a team that shares the Filmmakers For Future: Wildlife commitment to helping change our industry in the face of the biodiversity and climate crisis, and we hope to continue the relationship with Jump as we reimagine a better future for our living planet.”

You can watch all of the individual films here and the whole live streamed event here.

The music was provided by Anthony Aldersley and Luck G.
The mixdown was by Nicholas Allan.

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