December 11, 2020

The Great-ish Jump Gingerbread House Competition

As part of the Jump Christmas party this year we invited the team to enter a Gingerbread House Competition. There was a grand prize on offer for the best or most entertaining. People had the option of decorating and embellishing a prebaked kit … or taking the tougher route and baking their own completely.

There was a splendid wide range of entries and designs.

Jump’s Technical Director Russell Mann created some rather clever glass windows in his house by melting down chopped up boiled sweets. He also used popcorn to create a snowy tree.

Sam Clarke did some clever work with rice crispies, marshmallows and a microwave to also create a tree.

Animator and rock fan Mark Fairless went a slightly more alternative route and depicted a Satanic snow scene with an iced skeleton (!!!)

Kate Norley not only created a beautiful gingerbread house but built it sitting on a snowy hill that was in fact an entire cake.

Top designer Callum O’Reilly built a gingerbread Jump Office, as we all miss being together in it so much. Unfortunately he was so busy with proper Jump work he didn’t get to build it for real as he initially intended – but did a splendid job building it in 3D! Bravo.

The overall winner of our Gingerbread House Competition was Jump’s star Senior Production Manager Hannah Nicholls. Maybe the fact she used to work on Channel 4’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ was a clue she was going to do well. Hannah made all her own gingerbread and created an absolute festive stunner.

Hannah commented after her win:

“The cat is covered in edible glitter, the kids have been living on a diet of dough offcuts and icing for a week and the kitchen is on fire. But it was all worth it to prove Production Managers can be creative too!”

Congratualtions Hannah, your prize is on the way. Don’t worry it’s not another gingerbread house kit.