June 7, 2022

Horizons: Jump create graphics for charity launch

Jump was recently approached by two of our favourite clients who have just moved to work at a new charity called Horizons. They hoped we would be happy to help them out with their launch – and they were right!

The organisation was founded in 2022 by Haringey Education Partnership. Horizons’ mission is to create a fairer start in life for children and young people, in order for them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. They do this by creating exciting opportunities for them to engage in sports, creative arts, academia, technology, mentoring, experiences and more.

Jennifer Johnson – Head of Fundraising and Engagement

“We know access to these new experiences can be life-changing for children and young people. Equity of access is pivotal to ensure children have the opportunity to follow their passions.

We absolutely love working with the Jump team. They are always on point and manage to blow us away every time with their outstanding creativity and interpretation. Jump makes everything come to life.”

Jump was tasked with creating a kit of social media assets for Horizon’s launch promotion work. This kit included sting animations, Youtube kits, social media templates, website animations and event graphics.

Callum O’Reilly – Senior Designer and Animator

“We were inspired by the Horizon logo’s bold typography and the loosely drawn star motif. We thought a screen printed, papery look would work well to bring the brand to life. For illustrations, we kept to the three colours of the brand and used a 3D paper cutout style. This instantly created really bold imagery. We kept the text jiggling throughout to represent youthful energy and the eagerness to participate. The eye-catching colour changes, scribbles and energy lines accentuate those traits.

We were given a lot of creative freedom so we followed our gut instinct and it paid off. Thankfully our client is really happy with all of the motion design we’ve created for their brand.”

Horizons are holding a live fundraising event called ‘One Step Beyond with Suggs and friends’ on 27th October 2022 at London’s Alexandra Palace Theatre. To read more and purchase tickets please click here.