June 20, 2024

Jump United: The team’s passion for football

With the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament in full swing, football fever is running high around the country. We are lucky enough to create graphics for a sport we love. This new edit showcases some of the many, many football related projects we’ve worked on.

In this special feature, some of the team share their personal stories and passion for the beautiful game.

Richard Norley – Head Creative at Jump:

My team is Barnet FC. When I moved into my first flat in London, many years ago, my new neighbours invited me to a party at their house. I met a group of young and enthusiastic friends who were all Barnet fans. They had such a good rapport and were full of stories about the players and the stadium with its famous sloping pitch, I thought I have to go along and see this for myself. Especially as I only lived 3 tube stops from their ground. This was in the late 1980s / early 90s, which was the era of Chairman Stan Flashman, Manager Barry Fry, of players being paid in cash or sometimes not at all .. and unlike games in the higher divisions you were really close to the action in the stands. You could really engage with the players and the game. I absolutely loved it and have been a fan ever since.

I don’t get to as many games as I used to sadly, about 2 or 3 games a season. Barnet moved from Underhill, which was their home from 1907, to a new stadium in Edgware, which is harder for me to get to unfortunately. However you can still decide on the day of the match if you fancy going or not, it just takes longer to get there.

Sometimes I pinch myself that getting the opportunity to work with football governing bodies such as UEFA, FIFA and AFC has become a big part of my career. That passion we all feel watching the games as fans, now extends into the passion we have creating graphics for the sport we love. How great is that!


Sam Clarke – Senior Designer at Jump:

I have grown up supporting the mighty eagles (Crystal Palace) from a young age alongside the majority of my family. My Dad took my sister and I to every home game for about 3 years in the mid 00s. That was when we had a single year stint in the Premier League. It’s too difficult to get tickets for games now, but I have been going and supporting my local team Bromley who just won promotion to League Two for the first time.

Growing up I loved watching both Andy Johnson (STR) and Gábor Király (GK) for Palace. Király was famous for always wearing tracksuit bottoms in goal, which I definitely copied when paying myself.
I remember watching Crystal Palace on TV, winning the play-off final beating Watford 1-0 with a Kevin Phillips penalty. My 7-a-side team qualified in a regional tournament and we went to play a national league competition at Manchester City’s training camp. We didn’t make it out of the group stage but that was very exciting.

One bad football memory was probably England not winning the EUROs in 2021, which was really disappointing.

My own personal worst memory though was when we lost a teammate to a heart attack whilst playing a cup final. Every year we have a charity game at Bromley FC to honour him and raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Football is a great way to bring people together. My whole family (men and women) are all very passionate about football. Any gathering we spend a lot of time talking about it and normally constantly have it on in the background.

When it comes to graphics, I always like a sequence that involves historic moments. Watching back some of the classic moments is always great, and it’s a nice way to introduce those moments to the younger viewers who never experienced them. Also sequences that celebrate all of the current stars in football right now really shows how many great players there are and how exciting every game of football could be to watch. One of my all time favourite football title sequences is the BBC Euro 2020 titles, representing all the countries through their key players, country landmarks and artistic styles.


Joao Martignago – Designer at Jump:

My hometown football team in Brazil is Criciúma Esporte Clube. Being born in Brazil, kicking a football is my first ever memory as a child. Being a little toddler in a full kit learning to kick the ball in my family’s football pitch really left me with no other choice but to support them. I go to every game when I visit. Seeing them drop to third division league in Brazil but now finally being back in first division league, is something that every football fan dreams of.

My UK team is West Ham United. COME ON IRRRRONS! Growing up in the heart of East London, going to school within walking distance from the old Boleyn ground with £1 children’s ticket was the dream. It really left me again with no choice but to support West Ham growing up. Surrounded by fellow supporters in school, seeing their passion and unconditional love for the club was just like the culture and vibe that surrounds my hometown club in Brazil. I go to as many games as possible during the season and if not, I am in the West Ham boozers getting loud and chanting away.

My favourite player is Mr R9 himself – Ronaldo. Built like a tank, clinical as a surgeon .. and also Brazilian. Need I say more.  There are so many favourite memories to choose from, but as a West Ham supporter I think being able to witness them lift a UEFA European Trophy is still something I will be raving about for years to come.

But as a football fan, I think there is nothing better than the Premier League’s last day drama and the Man City win with Sergio Agüero’s late goal. Hearing the now infamous ‘Aguerooooo!’.  Reliving Tyler’s commentary is one of those moments that sticks with you forever.

Brazil getting battered by Germany 7-1 in the 2014 Rio World Cup however was not nice or fun to watch as a Brazilian, I can still hear my dad shouting at the TV.

Football to me is less about the sport, and 100% about the culture, community and thrill of watching 22 players running on grass for 90 minutes to score goals. Seeing the joy it can bring to people together no matter the age is something beautiful and poetic.

Combining football action, tackles, saves and goals is a sure way to make a good title sequence. Bring to life the passion for the game that football lovers share.

The BBC Match of the Day titles from 2019 / 2020 are my favourite. The iconic soundtrack with a new 3D twist really did it for me, encapsulating each team’s aura with nods to their mascots and visuals really came together well.


Aaron Randell – Designer at Jump:

I support West Ham United because I had no escape. My Dad and my Grandad on my Mum’s side both support them. I go to games sometimes though I try to avoid the premium prices.

My favourite player currently has to be Mohammed Kudus but growing up I idolised Joe Cole for West Ham and David Beckham for England.  My favourite West Ham moment had to be just last year when I got to go to the UEFA Europa Conference League Final. It was the culmination of my work allowing me the opportunity and the general emotion of seeing them finally win something that made it all feel very special!

My least favourite moments are the Maradonna handball and breaking a leg in a school game. I’ve had a plethora of football injuries growing up and playing for school, district and club teams, but the worst by far was when I went for a header (the ball was around chest height) and my teammate’s boot and an opponent’s boot clattered either side of my face like a Looney Tunes cymbals gag. It chipped my tooth which was an incredible pain and eventually led to an operation!

My Mum and Dad swear to me that my first word was GOAL! I joined Charlton Challenge when I was 4 and played there until I was 19. Three of my four siblings still play and I talk about something football related practically every day. So it’s not a stretch to say it’s one of the most important and impactful parts of my life.

I personally love football title sequences that focus on the skill and passion of players. Sequences that make you think you’re about to watch something special that you will remember for a long time.

My favourite football title sequence has to be the UEFA Champions League. I could pick almost any of them with that classic theme which has an immortal feeling to it. If I had to pick one specifically it would be the 2018 version, the first of the rebrand featuring the purple / blue starball. It manages to feature all the players people want to see Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo, including CR7’s incredible bicycle kick. An Iconic sequence all the way through.