July 26, 2021

Sport 24 – Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Campaign

Jump was approached by Sport 24 to pitch for their Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 graphics. They wanted a campaign that would cut through their regular output, creating a takeover which referenced both Japan and the Olympic ethos.

Jump won the pitch and were commissioned to create promos, stings, countdowns, teasers, assets for social media and print.

Simon Pullinger – Creative Presentation Manager at Sport 24:

“My thanks to all the Jump team who once again pitched it just right in answering our creative brief, providing Sport 24 with a beautifully crafted campaign despite the uncertainties and complications of the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games. During an incredibly hectic summer of live sport on Sport 24, that included Euro 2020, The Open and Wimbledon, the campaign was really impactful with its striking combination of sumi-e and visual imagery of sporting mastery, not only on-air but also across all Sport 24’s social platforms and marketing assets.”

Lee Jacobs – Senior Art Director at Jump:

“This campaign celebrates athletes as masters of sport. Inspired by what it takes to become a master, the treatment reflects the athletes’ dedication to the pursuit of perfection and the years of training it takes to have a chance at winning gold at the Olympic games.

Throughout the campaign, we draw parallels between the mastery of sport and Japanese culture including; honour, dedication, Zen, calligraphy and Samurai. The athletes’ movements are precise and measured with a simplicity and flow which defines them as masters of their sports – Sensei!

Japanese Sumi-e is the art of expressive ink painting. It captures the spirit of movement through minimal strokes. Selecting VT moments of incredible physical and mental mastery, we were able to transform masterful athletes into Sumi-e inspired artworks that punctuate exciting, percussive edits featuring incredible Olympians at their best.

Inspired by the succinct, clipped style of Haiku poetry, we wrote our script in the style of an Olympic master, presiding over the games. Combined with an authentic Japanese voice and a percussive Japanese rhythm.”

Callum O’Reilly – Senior Designer at Jump:

“We created a series of watercolour images of athletes in their ‘moment’, inspired by Sumi-e. These were made in photoshop using a variety of brushes and effects. Along with the water colours, we used ink effects, ink footage and lots of clever masking and matting to reveal clips from previous Olympic games. All of this was set to a Taiko-Japanese drum soundtrack.”

Lee Jacobs – Senior Art Director at Jump:

“The IOC are rightfully very protective of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 brand, which meant keeping an open dialogue throughout the design process. Sport 24 were masterful themselves in this relationship, and worked very hard to build an execution with us which worked across this broad campaign.”


The project was completed in four weeks.

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