May 10, 2021

Jump has the answers for The Answer Trap

Jump won the pitch to create the graphics for a brand-new list-based quiz format called The Answer Trap from Triple Brew Media and Objective Media Group Scotland. The show, which is presented by Anita Rani, launched on Channel 4 this week. It broadcasts weekdays at 3pm.

The series is co-produced with Motion Content Group and sees two teams play against each other, sorting a list of answers into the correct categories and trying to avoid the answer traps placed by the two resident quiz boffins, Frank Paul and Bobby Seagull. The winning team gets to play for a £10,000 jackpot in the final round.

Toby Stevens – Exec Producer at Objective Media Group Scotland:

“It was great to be working with Jump again. When we asked them to work up some graphics for The Answer Trap we knew they’d bring their massive experience to bear and give us a brilliant answer.”

Callum O’Reilly – Senior Designer & Animator at Jump:

“Objective and Triple Brew wanted graphics that look and feel very different to anything in daytime.  Our concept for the logo and titles was inspired by 50’s detective dramas and Saul Bass design. This approach ticked the box and was welcomed with open arms when we presented it.

We wanted to give a playful and mischievous personality to Frank and Bobby, the two Trappers in the show. The narrative for the sequence came to me instantly on an early morning walk .I had been listening to the brilliant, catchy, commissioned theme tune and this got me thinking about The Pink Panther movies. You can tell why it was stuck in my head.

The sequence introduces Anita, Frank & Bobby at the start. Frank and Bobby swiftly get up to no good, and steal Answers. They find the Traps in a taped-off room, and after mischievous, eyebrow-raising looks at the camera, they begin wildly replacing the Answers with their clever Traps … which is all a neat little summation of the gameplay.

We designed the characters in illustrator based on photographs provided. We whittled down the fundamental character of each Trapper and distilled that into a simplistic, 3-colour design. Frank, with his flowery and often untucked shirt, and Bobby with his dapper, cufflinked attire.

To give each character an immediate difference, we coloured them blue for Frank, red for Bobby and gold for Anita.

Everything was animated in After Effects, although there was some frame-by-frame animation on the two Trappers. For instance when they look at each other raising eyebrows, or when the hazard tape is being unpicked at the start.”

The gameplay graphics took 5 days to design. We then handed our templates over to the talented team at Kinetic Pixel, for them to animate in their playout computers. The titles and bumpers took 4 days to create.