September 20, 2021

Jump places the viewers into The One Show titles

The BBC were looking to upgrade the titles and programme graphics of The One Show, their flagship early evening programme. Jump created the original titles when the series launched in 2006, and also revamped them in 2013.

The clients were keen to see ideas that would visually represent the whole of the UK.

Stephen Neal, Director at BBC.

“The One Show has had a successful working relationship with Jump since our pilots 15 years ago. Jump again won a pitch process, against stiff competition, for a total refresh this summer.  It’s been great to work with their fantastic team again!

One of the options Jump proposed was unanimously favoured, as it brilliantly captured the essence of what we are as a show, whilst also evolving some key design concepts that have become part of our brand.

Our show only exists because of our amazing audience watching at home, so Jump’s concept of being able to incorporate them into our opening titles just felt like a great way of including them even more.

 The Jump team took inspiration from our new set designs, which themselves had taken inspiration from Jump’s original logo and titles, to come up with a treatment that really makes the whole show feel visually joined-up.  It’s been a great mix of evolution and revolution. The new titles feel very fresh, but also very ‘us’.

 The kit of parts and workflow Jump collaboratively created with us and our graphics team, will allow us to update and refresh our titles over time, which is a really great option for us as a show.”

Harry Handyside, Art Director at Jump:

“Our winning pitch was called ‘Faces of the UK’. It places UK viewers’ faces into a wall of moving tiles, seen around the animating text. The sequence is a feel-good, warm and charming development of the previous titles, creating relatability and an inclusive tone that’s completely in line with The One Show.

Our idea required lots of user-generated content (UGC). We needed shots of people from all around the country. They could be out and about, cooking supper in the kitchen, or comfy on the sofa at home. We wanted people singing, dancing and smiling along to the catchy One Show title theme music…. as we all do!

The team at The One Show did a shout out to their vast community across their social networks to become involved with the process and submit their movie clips. We created simple to follow guidelines describing what to do on camera and the best way to frame yourself for the titles. They got a great response and received loads of contributions.”

The sequence was designed so that the faces can be updated with new people regularly and inexpensively. We used C4D to create the undulating tiles for the titles and On air graphics. The 3D renders were then imported into After Effects along with 3D positional data. This means that the footage can then be edited, graded and easily updated by the client.

Making the kit came with some challenges. The process of exporting 3D null data to After Effects was incredibly useful, but with over 300 tiles for faces the render times and processing power was maxed out.

The new titles and graphics launched at the beginning of September.

If you want to contribute a clip for the titles – go to the BBC website here.