August 2, 2022

Jump create the match graphics for UEFA Women’s EURO 2022

The lovely team at UEFA appointed Jump once again, to design and animate the Match Graphics for UEFA Women’s EURO 2022.

We are particularly proud that our graphics got to show the final score of the England Lionesses’ fantastic victory in the final against Germany.

Becky Clacey – Designer at Jump

“We were given a base design for each type of graphic; Full Frames, Lower Thirds and the Permanent Clock. Our job was to adapt them to bring consistency across the whole graphics package.”

The Brand Guidelines stated: The design of the brand is based on circular shapes. The circular shape, in combination with a clockwise rotation when in movement, represents openness, progression and expansion.

BC – “Circles were the influence for a lot of the graphics, notably the permanent clock which was based on a series of circles scaling up from one point. The full frames used a circle as its base shape rather than a traditional rectangle.

However, the circular designs meant the arrangement of the information had to be thought about very carefully. It resulted in three sizes of FF templates to incorporate the varying amount of information each graphic required.

We also wanted to include the essence of the brand, so we incorporated the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 brand pattern into our FFs and Lower Thirds. It’s a subtle but beautifully detailed pattern made up of icons for the Host Cities, football symbols and icons representing the host country England.”

Back in 2020 / 2021 Jump produced the on-screen broadcast package for one of UEFA’s biggest competitions, the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship.