June 17, 2022

Jump’s Pixel Powers – What can we create with you?

We have nearly 30 years of experience making award-winning motion graphics. Jump has built up a diverse and unique range of talents that we can draw upon to bring your pixel projects to life.

Our team of designers, animators and producers are a highly creative, super-talented bunch who just love making graphics. But we also love to learn. This isn’t just about us having an amazing existing range of skill-sets but also about having the desire to want to keep learning more and to keep pushing ourselves. 

We also keep a little black book of contacts that we’ve built up over the years for those extra specialist skills. Sometimes, it’s also about knowing who else we can bring on board.

Our experience runs from primetime titles sequences to sport tournament match graphics, from logo design and brand identities to 3D graphics and special effects. Not many companies can do what we do.

If you want it …. we can do it!


Logos and Title Sequences:

We have created titles and logos for some of the most famous TV shows out there – like The Graham Norton Show, Absolutely Fabulous, The X Factor and The One Show. Title sequences come in all shapes and sizes and we love them all.


This is one of the most important parts of the design process. We illustrate and create storyboards so that clients can lock off on the narrative of a sequence – and everyone is on the same page. We often use storyboard images to then build animatics.

Idents and Branding:

It was the great Martin Lambie-Nairn who made TV channels realise they had to look at themselves as a brand in order to stand out in a rapidly expanding and competitive market place. We have learned a lot from him. Jump has worked on branding projects including Finalissima for UEFA and the Icelandic TV channel Stöð 2.


Our 3D department is a highly accomplished team although our Head of Animation, Russell Mann is still waiting for someone to ask him to build some dinosaurs! Come on, someone must need a Triceratops! Our 3D skills range from building realistic neon to space stations to human motion capture. Even our animatics for shoots get built in 3D these days.

Compositing and Special Effects:

How many times have you heard – “We’ll fix that in post”. While we always advocate for meticulously planning every sequence right at the beginning of a project, admittedly this is where a lot of TV magic can happen. Compositing can involve keying, tracking, grading and much more. A great example of our compositing work was on the revamped titles for C4’s The Last Leg.

Sport Match Graphics:

A lot of Jump’s work lies within the world of sport. We have created global graphics packages for tournaments such as the UEFA Nations League, the UEFA EURO 2020, CHL and the English Football League. These kits will include titles, stings and often a complete set of broadcast match graphics. This requires a very particular set of skills – creativity plus organisation plus meticulous attention to detail. We are not ashamed to admit we love a list and being pixel perfect.

News and Current Affairs:

The seeds of Jump were germinated in a news graphics department. Working in news gives you a strong discipline though. You need to be able to come up with quick ideas, work to tight transmission deadlines, work accurately to guidelines and keep a very keen eye on details and spellings. Having worked on many elections, flagship rebrands and even award-winning news parodies – we can definitely help you with news and current affairs graphics.

Quiz Shows and Game Shows:

Once upon a time we received a phone call from Celador Production asking us if we would come in and create the graphics on a new quiz show they were developing called ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. Our initial response after putting the phone down was that’s a terrible name and we’ll never fit all those words into a logo. Obviously that show went on to do rather well and we were thrilled to be part of the team. Off the back of this success we have been invited to work on many many quiz shows over the years, including Weakest Link and most recently Alan Carr’s Picture Slam and Bridge of Lies for BBC.


While Jump is not an advertising agency we are accomplished at handling the production of commercials. Recently we’ve been creating a series of adverts for 10bet and we’ve been working with Blackpool Pleasure Beach for many years. We have experience of filming products for commercials and also for creating infographics. You know those sequences that explain the science behind a toothpaste or hair conditioner – we can make those for you.

Promos / Campaigns:

Promos really get the team’s creative juices flowing. We’ve been working closely with Sport 24 for many years and the campaigns we’ve built with them recently have been winning awardsCheck out ‘We Don’t Stop’ and their ‘Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022’ campaign. Another recent promo we’re proud of was ‘The Abyss – Rise and Fall of the Nazis’ for Viasat History channel.

Science and Explainer Graphics:

Do you need to explain complex medical operations on animals in a way that the viewer can easily understand? This is exactly the challenge that The Supervet team came to Jump for. Our work on the series resulted in an RTS Award nomination. Explainer graphics could also be showing a new set of Lottery rule changes. or NASA missions in space. We love the challenge of using graphics to tell stories in a clear concise way.

Typography and Motion Theory:

We love typography. It’s at the heart of so many graphics; from logo design to title sequences to match graphics and infographics. At Jump, we are also firm believers that a well thought out motion theory is a vital part of a brand identity. How typography moves, not just how it looks, is really important and can create a strong cohesive identity. We are very proud of the work we completed on The Hundred and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games for this.

Hand Drawn Animation:

It’s not all 3D computer graphics. Some of our most beautiful, striking work has incorporated hand drawn animation. The sequence we created for C4’s Rio Paralympics 2016 with Brazilian artist Gabriel Silva and a team of very talented illustrative animators went on to win a BAFTA for best titles.

Film Shoots:

Occasionally you need to get in a studio and film something or someone (including dangerous animals for ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ many years ago) . Our production department are absolute experts at organising this. We are also great believers in that you can never over plan a shoot. We produce schedules, shot lists, animatics, set-up diagrams and those all-important storyboards. We are used to filming with chroma key, motion capture, on location, product shots, high speed or occasionally with effects that make a big bang. Plus you normally get a brilliant breakfast on shoot days.


Maps sound easy right! We’ve all used Google Earth – how hard can it be. Actually you need some very keen design skills to make map graphics look great. We’ve honed these skills from our old news days through to utilising modern software techniques. We love the maps we created for The Reluctant Traveller with Eugene Levy.


The details above are not an exhausted list of the services we can offer believe it or not. We’ve also created graphics for the cinema in anaglyph 3D, HDR graphics, awards night graphics …. the list goes on. 

Do you have a project you’re developing that you think may need some graphics?

Please give us a call or drop us a note to say hello.

Hopefully we can create something with you too.