December 13, 2022

2022 went like this!

The months really do fly by!

As 2022 draws to a close we wanted to look back over the last year and remember a few highlights. We’ve edited a compilation together of some of our favourite work. It’s a lot to cram into (a social media friendly) 60 seconds. Let us know what you think, we would love your feedback.

If you have a project in the pipeline that you would like to discuss with us – please get in touch. Maybe it will feature in the 2023 reel!

We’ve had a fantastic year working with Sport 24. It began with the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 campaign graphics, closely followed by the Sport 24 We Don’t Stop Promo. We were thrilled when this wen on to win the Sportel Best Programme Promotion Award. Mr Norley was on hand in Monaco to pick up the trophy. Sport 24 were celebrating their own 10 year anniversary in 2022 – and we were delighted to help them celebrate with a monster promo celebrating all the amazing sporting moments they have broadcast onboard.



We continue to have a great relationship with the Sport Industry Group, who had a magnificent year. We revamped their Brand Identity as well as refreshing all of the graphics for the Sport Industry Awards. Back in April, SIG launched the Sport Podcast Awards. They’ve been busy!


The biggest sporting victory of the year came for the England Lionesses at the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 competition. The men had a chance to match it at the World Cup – but we all know how that ended. We are proud to have designed all of the match graphics for the tournament and for our templates to proudly show off an England victory.


It’s not all sport at Jump. We still love our Entertainment work and there have been some belters in 2022. Our new sequence for C4’s The Last Leg launched in February – and was a post production beast to put together – but ended up looking rather fabulous. The new BBC quiz Bridge of Lies had some slick 3D titles and gameplay graphics – and a revamped title sequence for The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan showed off some super realistic 3D neon.


We were proud to help launch the new charity Horizons, whose mission is to create a fairer start in life for children and young people, in order for them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. There’s going to be big things coming from them next year for sure.


2022 was the year that Artificial Intelligence Art took off. You could hardly look at a social media timeline without being bombarded with surreal yet amazing images. Most recently there have been plenty of AI Self Portraits being posted – check out this festive fAIrytale version of our Team Page. Back in July we delved into the topic and chatted to some friends and colleagues about what it could mean for the industry. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot more AI in 2023.


We asked the team for a few of their 2022 highlights:


Technical Director

Russell Mann – Technical Director at Jump:

“In the last year I think we have settled into the work-from-home or preferred workspace much more comfortably technically. We have solved a lot of the challenges, although there are always a few extra. Jump’s entire workload is accessible to all our team wherever they are, and is fully backed up. The team has access to more software than they did a year ago. A few of us are quite mobile too as a result.

On the 3D front it is great to see more of the team getting to grips with Redshift, with some great results. Z-brush has also been added to a lot of the team’s tool bags so look forward to more nice modelling and sculpting in the new year. In compositing the team have continued their excellence and ability to handle very large and complex projects.

A new year will no doubt bring more challenges, but hopefully along with those challenges a whole lot of new skills and abilities we can use to make even more great work!”


Russell Hilliard – Director / Digital Marketing at Jump:

“JumpDays have been a real highlight of the year. We committed to being a full time remote-working company after the pandemic lockdowns. To keep our company culture thriving we hold regular afternoon team-bonding sessions. They are always during work-hours – never in the evening – as we respect people’s personal time and that a lot of our staff have families. There have been 9 JumpDays in 2022 and the events have ranged from life drawing, art exhibitions, a guided walking tour and most recently a pasta making class. We already have plenty of ideas suggested by the team lined up for 2023.”


Mark Fairless – Jump Senior Animator:

“I’ve been loving learning and using the Redshift renderer this year, Had a blast using it on The Box bringing a whole new level of quality and speed to my projects. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.”


David Skinner – Art Director at Jump:

“My personal highlight of 2022 is joining the fabulous team at Jump. Being part of the Jump squad and working on high profile projects has been amazing. A top talented fun team. Here’s to 2023!”


motion graphics

Aaron Randell – Designer at Jump:

“Being a typically AFX heavy animator – it was fun to actually get a grasp on some solo 3D work for The President’s Cup Draw. I ended up very happy with what was made and it was a good stepping stone for more to come.”


Callum O’Reilly – Senior Designer at Jump:

“This year has given me the opportunity to work on an array of different projects, from 3D special effects, game show graphics, branding, illustration to infographics and pasta making (does that count?!). As always, I look forward to the new year to see which areas of design I get to work on with the Jump family; always learning, discovering new skills, trying out different software and above-all creating lovely graphics.”